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Ford F150 Rap Module

Ford F150 Rap Module

The Remote Anti-Theft Personal Module, better known as the Ford F150 RAP Module, is a computer module used for security measures on Ford cars. Installed on different Ford products ranging from the Ford Taurus to the Ford F150, RAP modules are security aids that control security equipment such as power locks. The keyless entry code for the individual cars is also imprinted there.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Ford F150 RAP modules is where to look for them. Ford F150 RAP modules, just like most RAP modules, are usually placed in spots that are well hidden. This is done for good reason. Who would want to be robbed because their security modules are easily exposed? That defeats the purpose of installing keyless entries and other anti-theft measures in the first place. So the next question would be, for specific model years, where can you locate the Ford F150 RAP module? The answer is this. For F150 models made before 2004, the RAP module is mounted on the firewall, just above the parking brake assembly. From 2004 onwards, the RAP module is integrated with the body security module located behind the back seat, driver’s side. This process may involve removing the seats. Either you can enlist a professional for that, or you can try to learn how to remove the seats yourself.

Ford F150 Rap Module

A busted Ford F150 RAP module can end up being a formidable nuisance. In some cases, you can’t use your truck’s remote control. This is because the Ford F150 RAP module controls the anti-theft device as well as the keyless entry system. A damaged RAP module can either be repaired or replaced, depending on the situation. Here is a simple guide on how to remove a damaged Ford F150 RAP module. The first thing that you must do is to remove the negative cable of your battery. Then, you must gain access to your module. The process depends on the location of your RAP module (see previous paragraph). After this, disconnect the two electrical connectors of your module. Lastly, the mounting brackets are removed. To install your new Ford F150 RAP module, you would just have to reverse the aforementioned process.

One note when installing your Ford F150 RAP module: you must take note of the 5-digit code inscribed in the module. Keep a copy of this code because you’ll need it if you want to make changes to your access code. Another note that must be taken is that before you can use your remote again, the remote must be reprogrammed to synchronize function with your new RAP module. For those that would reprogram their remotes: you would need to turn off the anti-theft system first before reprogramming your remote.

Remember that if you can’t use the remote of your Ford F150, RAP module could be damaged or the wiring is not fixed. You can use these methods to diagnose and repair your Ford F150 RAP problem, or you can always ask for help. At least now, you know how important your Ford F150 RAP module is.

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  1. Luca, my sons 1999 F150 Flareside has what I believe to be an intermittent RAP module. I believe the RAP is shutting turning on the start disable feature. Weird thing is when I take off the positive (not the negative like the book says) it will reset and the start up is fine for a short time. Then a no start condition till you disconnect the positive again. Any thoughts? I am mostly sure that the RAP mod is bad, but would like a second opinion. Thanks for the help.

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