Types Ford F150 Diesel

Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Chris


Ford F150 Diesel

Ford F150 Diesel

In late 2007, a report made by AutoWeek suggested that a Ford F150 diesel model would come out in 2009 together with the release of the 12th generation of its popular F-series trucks. However, no F150 diesel has come out of the market until now. So, what exactly happened with the Ford F150 diesel?

In the spring of 2009, Ford came up with a 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine that can be used for a F150 diesel version. Produced in their engine plant in Chihuahua, Mexico, it is said that this engine produced more horsepower and torque and is 20% more fuel efficient than the 5.4 liter gasoline engine of one of the variants of the F150 diesel. It was expected that Ford would be the first among the big 3 to produce a F150 diesel truck. But all of a sudden, the introduction of the F150 diesel was delayed due to the rollback of diesel and gasoline prices. In fact, the F150 diesel project has been shelved for the moment because according to Ford, the timing isn’t right to produce it.

There are many reasons why a F150 diesel based on the current model hasn’t appeared yet. For instance, a F150 diesel variant currently doesn’t make sense on a business standpoint. With gasoline prices going down to 2 dollars a gallon, a price that is actually lower than that of diesel fuel, Ford has less motivation to do diesel models. And to make the chances of a F150 diesel appearing anytime soon dimmer, diesel-powered light-duty pickups from competing brands such as Chrysler and General Motors have also been delayed.

What Happened to the Ford F150 Diesel?

Another reason why the F150 diesel might not be produced is because Ford is really promoting their EcoBoost engine. Developed in-house by Ford, EcoBoost engines use turbochargers and direct injection to increase power and fuel efficiency while decreasing greenhouse emissions. Seeing this engine as an effective alternative to diesels and hybrids, the EcoBoost engine was installed in a wide range of Ford vehicles from the C-MAX to the F150. This commitment by Ford to their EcoBoost engine might reduce the chances of a F150 diesel version to ever come out of the assembly line.

It is not yet official, but the idea of a F150 diesel variant might be dead already. In fact, the F150 diesel has officially been delayed, with release forecasted for 2013 at the earliest, according to an insider who knows Ford’s product plans. It might actually be cancelled altogether if diesel prices don’t fall below gasoline’s for a long enough period.

Because of these developments, fans of the F150 diesel would have to wait, maybe even in vain. While other Ford truck products such as the Super Duty and the Land Rover have received their diesel engines, the F150 diesel so far hasn’t had one, and may not have one anytime soon. While the chances of a F150 diesel for this current generation are looking slim, fans should hold their breath. Mules of the F150 diesel have reportedly been spied, with dual exhausts giving a hint that a diesel engine is equipped in these prototypes.

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